IC1396 in Cepheus

IC1396 copia

  • Telescope: Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Telephoto lens (f/2.8 closed)
  • Camera: Baader modified Canon 400D with Astronomik CLS filter, 1600 iso, RAW mode
  • Mount: Astrotrac with Polar scope
  • Integration: 30 x 120 sec, (21 bias, 21 dark, 21 flat)
  • Date, Location, Temp/Software: August 2012, Grosseto (Italy), 20°C/MaxIm-DL, PixInsight, PhotoShop
  • Click HERE for solved map

Stunning emission nebula IC 1396 mixes glowing cosmic gas and dark dust clouds in the high and far off constellation of Cepheus.  Energized by the bright, bluish central star seen here, this star forming region  sprawls across hundreds of light-years — spanning over three degrees on the sky while nearly 3,000 light-years from planet Earth. Among the intriguing dark shapes within IC 1396, the winding Elephant’s Trunk nebula lies just below center (APOD NASA).

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