SH2-132 and NGC7380 in Cepheus


  • Telescope: Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM Telephoto lens (f/2.8 closed)
  • Camera: Baader modified Canon 400D, 800 iso, RAW mode
  • Mount: Astrotrac with Polar scope
  • Integration: 30 x 120 sec, (21 bias, 21 dark, 21 flat)
  • Date, Location, Temp/Software: August 2012, Grosseto (Italy), 20°C/MaxIm-DL, PixInsight, PhotoShop
  • Click HERE for solved map

SH2-132. It is a very faint emission type nebula on the Cepheus/Lacerta border.  It lies at a degree southeast of Epsilon Cep, and has a size of about 40 arc minutes.  It’s easy to locate because of its proximity to the distinctive triangle of stars formed by delta, epsilon and zeta Cephei (delta Cep is the prototypical Cepheid variable). NGC7380. It is a bright and diffuse nebula associated with an open cluster.


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