The nebular complex around Gamma Cygni in Cygnus

  • Telescope: Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM telephoto lens (f/2.8 stopped)
  • CCD Camera: Baader modified Canon 400D, 800 iso, RAW mode
  • Mount: Astrotrac with polar scope
  • Integration: 30 x 120 sec, (21 bias, 21 dark, 21 flat)
  • Date, Location, Temp/Software: August 2012, Grosseto (Italy), 21°C/MaxIm-DL, PixInsight, PhotoShop
  • Click HERE for solved map
  • Click the image for 1920×1080 resolution

The nebular complex around Gamma Cygni (IC1318) This photo was taken on august 2012 by using a filter modified Canon Eos 400D with EF 135 mm lens at f/2.8 on Astrotrac. The photo is the sum of 30 frames, each of 2 minutes. IC 1318 is one of the brightest nebulas in the Cygnus complex. The bright star in the center of the field is Gamma Cygni, also known as Sadr. Its true location is only 750 light years away and not related to the nebulosity which is much more distant at 5000 light years. There is considerable obscuration of the region due to dusty clouds within the great rift of the Milky Way which attenuates the light of many of the bright stars spread through the region. This region contains many dark nebulae in addition to the emission diffuse nebulae.

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