NGC6940 in Vulpecula and the Veil nebular complex in Cygnus


  • Telescope: Canon EF 135mm f/2L USM telephoto lens (f/2.8 stopped)
  • Camera: Baader modified Canon 400D, 800 iso, RAW mode
  • Mount: Astrotrac with polar scope
  • Integration: 30 x 120 sec, (21 bias, 21 dark, 21 flat)
  • Date, Location, Temp/Software: August 2012, Grosseto (Italy), 22°C/MaxIm-DL, PixInsight, PhotoShop
  • Click HERE for solved map
  • Click the image for 1920×1080 resolution

NGC6940 and the Veil nebular complex.  This photo was taken on august 2012 by using a filter modified Canon Eos 400D with EF 135 mm lens at f/2.8t on Astrotrac. The photo is the sum of 30 frames, each of 2 minutes. NGC6940 (upper right corner) is a rich and large open cluster that lies approximately 2,500 light-years away and near the border between Vulpecula and Cygnus. The Veil nebular complex (bottom center) is what remains visible of a Milky Way star exploded about 9,000 years ago. The Veil nebular complex is physically huge, however, and even though it lies about 1,400 light-years distant, it covers over five times the size of the full Moon. The bright star on the left is Epsilon Cygni.

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